How to Survive

This is really what you came here for, right? How do I take my kids to the airport? How do I do the laundry without them destroying all the clothes?

In this series, you'll find tips for doing everyday activities....with a toddler strapped to your leg. 
You Know. Those activities you took for granted. Yeah those.

how to not be a tourist in paris


Here are tips for blending in while in Paris. Straight from a Parisian-American family. We touch on skipping the Mona Lisa and avoiding the wait list at the Eiffel Tower. 


How to take an international flight with kids

Both of our kids are under two, so it made it very interesting. We have taken this flight over a half dozen times, and have learned some great tips over the years. Hopefully, you find this video informative, and it helps you gain some piece of mind. We touch on how to pack, what activities to bring and even what type of milk makes it through security.